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Our Team






Gary Adamson Licensed Strata Manager, Licensed Real Estate Agent and Business Agent, Chartered Accountant and Justice of the Peace

Gary is the Managing Director and Licensee-In-Charge of our Cronulla Office. Gary has been involved with the administration of Strata, Community and Company Title properties since 1976.  His formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in accounting and financial management and secondary studies in Marketing, Industrial Relations and Financial Advisory Services.He is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Strata Community Australia Association.Professional experience includes several years in public practise as a Chartered Accountant specialising in management consultancy and taxation, 36 years as a real estate agent, business agent, auctioneer and strata manager, Chairman of the Property Times Co-Operative Ltd (1995-1997), former Sydney Southern Regions Divisional Chairman of the NSW Professionals Marketing Group (1998-2004) Director of the Real Estate Institute, Vice Chairman (1999-2005) of the Real Estate Institute, Chairman (2005 to date) of the Strata Management Chapter of the Real Estate Institute and former Chairman of the Real Estate Institute of NSW Finance and Audit Committee.Gary is a foundation and current member and the strata industries representative on the Strata Industry Working Group which was established by the NSW Registrar General in 2007 and consists of representatives from the Office of Fair Trading, the Land Titles Office, NSW Law Society, periodic engagement as an expert witness in strata tribunal and court matters, acted as a consultant with NSW TAFE for the setting of the strata managers New South Wales licensing course, a certified Owners Association manager in Dubai, Managing Director of Strata Management Services – NSW, Managing Director of Century 21 Adamson’s The Property People and former CEO of Stratum Owners Association Management Services in Dubai and is the first Australian senior lecturer to be engaged by the Real Estate Institute of Dubai (A division of the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency) to lecture Owners Associations Boards of Director (the equivalent of the NSW Strata Schemes and Executive Committees) on the proper and compliance management of Owners Association in Dubai.



Brooke Chris  


Brooke Abbott Licensed Strata Manager, Cronulla

Brooke came from a finance background and has worked in the strata industry since 2001.

 Chris Wilson Strata Manager, Cronulla

Chris has been a Strata Manager since 2005 and has previous experience in the finance industry.

Darryl Smith Strata Manager, Cronulla

Debbie Keelan Strata Assistant – Debt Recovery and Fire Compliance, Cronulla


Edith Ruzicka Strata Assistant to Carolann Campbell and Tiarne Wood, Bondi

Edith has worked in the strata industry since 2003 and has experience with accounting and assisting in the management of Strata Schemes.

Jessica Strobach Strata Assistant to Chris Wilson, Darryl Smith and Sonya Collett, Cronulla  Julie Bates Trust Accounts Administration, Cronulla Julie Buchanan Trust Accounts Manager, Cronulla

Julie is the Accounts Manager and has almost 40 years experience.


Kim Carson Administration, Cronulla

Magnus Petersson Strata Manager, Cronulla

Magnus has been a strata manager since 2003.

Margaret Matthews Office Accounts and Administration, Bondi and Cronulla  Natalie Wilson Strata Assistant – Insurance, Cronulla


Paul Ashe Strata Manager, Cronulla Rebecca Buchanan Office Manager, Bondi and Cronulla Serena Dagostino Strata Assistant to Brooke Abbott, Magnus Petersson and Paul Ashe, Cronulla Sonya Collett Strata Manager, Cronulla

Sonya has been a strata manager since 2009 and is experienced with managing strata schemes of all sizes. 

 Tasha Low Res



Tasha Daley 

Receptionist, Cronulla

Tasha has been an Administrative Assistant for two years now and she assists in all aspects of the company.

Tiarne Wood

Strata Manager, Bondi

Tiarne has worked in the strata industry since 2011 and holds a Certificate of Registration in Real Estate and Strata Management.

Carolann Campbell

Strata Manager, Bondi

Carolann has worked in the strata industry since 2008 and comes from a client and customer service background.